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Contact Rick:

Rick Bosl

Founder & CEO, TheCondoHub
States Licensed: 
Investments; Luxury; Condos
Washington, DC-Northwest, VA-Arlington County, MD-Montgomery County

Experienced. Attentive. Innovative. Confident. Problem Solver.

That's how clients describe Rick Bosl, CEO and Founder of Rick knows condos and knows how to get results.

Rick has been helping people find solutions and realize their goals his entire career - first, as a management consultant working with Fortune 50 firms and small startup companies; now, as a real estate agent guiding buyers, sellers and investors through complex transactions.

With more than 250 transactions and over $100 million in sales, Rick is one of the foremost condo experts on pricing, negotiation and marketing strategies. He is the agent other agents call with their condo questions. There is rarely a situation or problem he cannot handle or hasn't seen before.

With his engineering background, Rick embraces new technology and thinks 'outside of the box'. Finding a void of information on condo developments, he built a website to address the needs of condo buyers and sellers - That site created a following and a name for Rick over the years, but Rick knew he could do better.

After listening to what clients really wanted in a condo website, Rick invested significant resources to create - the only site that has a database of every condo development inter-connected to every condo listing. It is quickly becoming the go to resource for everything condo related.

No matter how many deals Rick does, he never forgets that there is a human element involved. Whether it is a first time buyer, putting their entire savings into their purchase or a seller having to part with a life time of memories, Rick is always attentive to the emotional and the financial needs of his clients. That is just one reason Rick has so many repeat clients.

Rick has instilled those same qualities into team - a group of top notch real estate agents dedicated to offering to their clients the highest degree of professionalism and expertise.

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