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Quick Start Guide

The Condo Hub is unlike any other site you may have seen before. The site is organized around Regions, which are comprised of a number of Areas (or neighborhoods). Within each Area are a number of condo (and/or coop) buildings or Developments.

A Development can be a single high rise building, a collection of smaller, garden style walk-up buildings, an older row house sub-divided into several units, or something in between. You can search for available listings for sale through the listing search system or under each development.

To take advantage of all the tools and features on the site, be sure to login or open an account.

Condo Building/Development Finder

  • If you know the name of a particular development, just start typing part of the name - the system will display any matches. Then press 'Go'.
  • If you would rather see what developments are in a certain area, first select a region and the available areas in that region will appear in the drop down. Then press the 'Search' button.
  • Visit the Region & Area List under the Property Search menu for a complete list.
  • Click on 'Advance Search' for more options. You can search for developments by:
    • Amenities
    • Year built
    • Condo or Coop
    • Building Type

Search Listings

Below are a few tips for using the powerful listing search system

Favorites List

It is easy to save your favorite areas, developments and listings. They are also readily accessible on the 'My Hub' menu, which is located under the main menu.

There are two ways to save an area, development or listing to your Favorites list. In an area, development or listing table, the first column is the 'Fav' column. To add an item to your Favorites, simply click on the faint heart outline. It will then change to a red heart and be added to your favorites. To remove the item from your favorites list, click on the red heart. It will change to the faint heart outline and be removed from the list.


The other way to save an area, development or listing to your Favorites list is to click on the 'Add to Favorites' button on any of the detail pages:

Once you click on the button, the item is added to your favorites and the button changes to 'Remove from Favorites'. By clicking on that button, simply removes it from the list.

Searching Listings only in Favorite Developments

One very useful feature allows you to limit the search results to only your favorite developments. Of course, you need to save some developments to your favorites before this is useful. On the search listings page, simply select the 'Limit to favorite developments' checkbox.