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About Us

The Condo Hub is a team of agents affiliated with Keller Williams Realty that specialize in the condo market in the Washington, DC metro area. We are built on the foundation of building careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living. We also follow the Keller Williams belief system.

The Condo Hub was founded by Rick Bosl. The initial concept came about in the early 2000's when Rick was looking for a condo himself. Frustrated by a lack of a central source of information on condominiums, Rick began creating a database of condos in the area. This database eventually turned into the site, which continues to operate today. Seeking to expand beyond Arlington, Rick created The Condo Hub.

Want to join team the team? Contact us. We are always looking for uncommon individuals wishing to serve customers in a way that lives up to our reputation in the industry.