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10 Best Condo Views in Arlington

The phrase 'million dollar view' has been used all too frequently in real estate, but for the condo buildings below, the view really can be worth a million dollars. For more info on any of the buildings or to see available listings in the building, click on link in the building name. 


Know the Basics of Granite Countertops

When looking for a new home, many home buyers are looking for updated kitchen and bathrooms with beautiful granite countertops. The elegant surfaces are one of the most popular options for home owners and buyers, but how much do you actually know about these large slabs of stone?


Stylish and Functional Alternatives to Granite In Your Condo

Granite has long been the most popular choice among home owners as a countertop material. For many years, it has been the ultimate home feature, a true watermark of a kitchen that is top-of-the-line in style and functionality.