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Surplus of Mount Vernon Triangle Condos Slated to Go on Sale in January

mount vernon square condosAs anyone attempting to crack the D.C.


Condo Insurance: A guide to protecting your Washington, D.C. condominium

Condo Insurance: A guide to protecting your Washington, D.C. condominium


Highlighting Georgetown’s Hottest Condo Opportunities

Still basking in its regal, 19th century glow, Georgetown is one of D.C.’s most historic neighborhoods.


Beginning of a trend? The Avery goes condo

There are many cranes across the Arlington and DC metro area skyline building mixed use developments, but most of the residential projects are rental apartments (Slate, Sedona, 2000Wilson, Garfield Park to name just a few). One developer is seeing the coming glut of apartments and is bucking the trend, converting the newly finished building at 1200 North Rolfe Street back to condos. 


Buy and Sell or Sell and Buy? Part 2

In part 1, we discussed the pros and cons of either buying first or selling first. In Part 2, we will look at how to protect yourself when you are trying to do both simultaneously. There are several options you can use in a contract to protect you when you are buying and when you are selling.


Buy and Sell or Sell and Buy? Part 1

Unless you are a first time buyer, you have probably asked yourself ‘What should I do first – buy or sell?’ in regards to moving. I’ve helped a number of clients in this situation and my answer usually starts with ‘it depends’. It depends on a number of factors and this psot will explore the pros and cons with each.


Do you really need title insurance?

One of the larger settlement charges you are likely to encounter when you purchase real estate is for title insurance. There is typically a charge for an owner's policy and a lender's policy (if you are financing the purchase).


Claredon1021 Condo - in the heart of Clarendon

Clarendon1021 Condominium continues to be one of the most popular buildings in one of the most popular areas. It doesn't take long to understand why. The building itself has some great amenities.