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Courthouse Home Owners Weigh In On Updates to Neighborhood

In an effort to get the community more involved in the on-going development of the neighborhood Envision Courthouse Square, the committee dedicated to re-envisioning the Courthouse neighborhood, recently polled its home owners on a number of design concepts.


Using Your HUD-1 For Tax Deductions

For many condo buyers in Washington, D.C., one of the most crucial steps in securing a new home is obtaining a home loan through a mortgage lender. What some new home buyers may not know is that getting a loan is more than just applying and getting approved.


Uh Oh, It's Broke. Now What?

Understanding Maintenance Responsibilities in Your Condo


Walkable Washington, D.C. Becoming a Highly Valued Housing Market

Improved mass transit, car and bike shares, and telecommuting are all elements taking part in a new generation’s outlook on work and life as the world becomes more conscious of how energy is used to get around town.