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How To Get Multiple Offers On Your Condo For The Best Results

Every condo seller dreams of receiving multiple offers above asking price with no contingencies when they list their home. Here are 7 tips to get you multiple offers. 


10 Best Condo Views in Arlington

The phrase 'million dollar view' has been used all too frequently in real estate, but for the condo buildings below, the view really can be worth a million dollars. For more info on any of the buildings or to see available listings in the building, click on link in the building name. 


How to Avoid These 5 Costly Condo Buyer Mistakes

Having worked with hundreds of condo clients the past ten years (buyers and sellers), I've seen these five common mistakes buyers make too many times. Sometimes they are costly. Sometimes they result in the buyer missing their dream condo. Fortunately, all of these can be avoided. 


Avoiding Condo Buyers’ Remorse

Although homes don’t fall into the typical impulse buy category, there are many aspects of the process that require quick thinking and efficient action. It is often during these situations that home buyers end up making a rash decision that they might possibly regret in the end.