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Why Young Families are Tapping into the Condo Market

Young family in condoAs D.C. real estate continues to amass value in what is unquestionably one of the most desirable metros in the nation, many potential home owners have gone the way of the condo and opted for a living space that fulfills their spatial needs while at the same time requiring less upkeep than a traditional single-family home. And while some may think of this move as more of a standard bearer for young professionals and couples without children, condo living is also increasingly becoming seen as a family-friendly option. After all, the social benefits of living in privacy yet in close proximity to many other families offers an allure that is hard to ignore. Below are just a few reasons why families are becoming increasingly enticed by D.C. area condos.

Why a Condo for My Family?

1.) Friends and Playmates Galore: If your children are young, it won’t take too much effort on the part of you and your D.C. real estate agent to find a building where families with like-aged kids happen to be located. And one of the perks of these situations is that as opposed to residential neighborhood living where interaction with neighbors isn’t necessarily as common as it used to be, people are always bumping into their neighbors in high-rises when taking elevators and waiting in lobbies. This offers not just an opportunity for adults to make new friends for dinner parties and social occasions, but also a gateway to forging relationships that work for the entire family. Meeting a couple with like-aged children could end up being a great resource for carpooling to local schools, switching babysitting nights and other neighborly acts of kindness that could save you both time and money. And all the while, your kids can benefit from making more new friends to play with within the safety of your family’s building.

2.) Diverse Upbringing: D.C. is a city as full of rich culture as it is full of colorful political affiliations. Are you a bleeding-heart liberal who likes to feed your 17 organic tomato plants on your veranda while your upstairs neighbors look down upon you and sip cocktails with sneers of Republican aristocracy? Well, guess what? Your children might be the perfect common ground between your polar political views, and in a place like D.C., it’s important to bring kids up in an environment where they’re privy to all sorts of viewpoints. Who knows, maybe your kids will even start swapping their blue stuffed donkeys for red stuffed elephants when they’re having sleepovers.

3.) Outdoor Fun: Many adults cite wanting a yard as a reason why they prefer single-family homes over condos, but guess what? Not only is there plenty of public park space around condo units in many desirable D.C. pockets, but condos often offer a feature that would require massive costs and upkeep at your D.C. home: swimming pools. Living in a space where your kids can run up to the pool daily will not only keep them social and in good spirits, but it also can help keep them active and healthy.

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