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Logan Circle

Washington, DC

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FavBuildingYear Built# UnitsType# Listings
1002 M Condo20114Townhome0
1004 N Street20082Townhome0
1125 12th Street191042Midrise1
1200 Q Street19806Garden0
1209 Condominium20023Garden0
1213 N Street Lofts19006Garden0
1225 Lofts200378Highrise4
1303 P Street 19606Garden0
1316 S Street19152Townhome0
1324 Q Street19002Townhome0
1335 R Street20112Townhome0
1339 Q Street19002Townhome0
1340 Vermont19007Townhome0
1406 T Street20076Garden0
1410 S Street18802Townhome0
1421 T Street192114Garden0
1424 12th Street Condos1900Townhome0
1426 Rhode Island19245Townhome0
1441 Rhode Island2004157Highrise0
1449 Corcoran18903Townhome0
1508 R Street18753Townhome0
1521 Kingman19156Garden0
1603 8th Street19162Townhome0
1801 13th Street18903Garden0
1923 12th Street19063Townhome0
20 Logan Circle199911Garden0
24 Logan Circle19008Garden0
522 R Condos18802Garden0
7 Logan Circle190818Townhome0
730 Girard Street Condos1912Townhome0
806 Rhode Island Ave19002Townhome0
910-912 S Street Condo20124Townhome0
936 N Street Lofts19177Garden0
Alta at Thomas Circle2006126Highrise3
Barrett Condominium19988Townhome0
Barrett School Lofts  188912Garden0
Blagden Court20083Townhome2
Citta 50200827Highrise1
Cooper Lewis Lofts200619Midrise1
Crescent Towers1964124Highrise2
Downtown 1 & 2198932Garden0
Dupont Lofts199814Garden0
Eleven Condo200494Highrise1
Eleven M19004Townhome0
Empire Lofts20028Garden1
Fennessy Lofts 200738Highrise0
Frontier Condo197710Townhome0
Garton House19052Garden0
Giles Court19273Garden0
Lock and Electric Lofts19055Garden0
Lofts 11  200725Highrise0
Lofts 14 200637Midrise0
Lofts 14 Two200684Midrise2
Lofts at Church19894Garden0
Logan Condo189910Townhome0
Logan Court199825Townhome0
Logan Heights  20066Garden0
Logan Mansions200014Townhome0
Logan Park1952117Garden0
Logan Row 200628Midrise0
Logan Station200661Garden0
Metropole 200890Highrise2
Newport Tower18928Garden0
Northern Exchange36Midrise0
P Street Row201224Townhome0
Park Princess1981120Highrise3
Q 14200625Highrise0
Radius Lofts2004169Highrise3
Rainbow Lofts192921Garden0
Renaissance at Logan200816Highrise0
Residence at 10th & W Streets20044Garden0
Samuel Place19534Garden0
Savannah Row18758Townhome0
Saxa House18637Garden1
Saxon Court200245Highrise1
Shaw House19003Townhome0
Solo Piazza 200277Highrise1
St.John's Wood20058Garden1
Swann Street Condo20078Townhome0
Symera Lofts 20062Townhome0
The Abbey200012Garden0
The Annecy19054Garden0
The Ashton19002Townhome0
The Aston201231Midrise0
The Bartley192335Highrise1
The Boyd192614Garden1
The Castle18864Garden0
The Clift18974Townhome1
The Desoto189031Midrise3
The Drake19004Townhome0
The Emerson200212Midrise0
The Fremont19206Garden3
The Gardon House19052Garden0
The Grant194763Midrise2
The Grayson19004Townhome0